Levenshulme's ARThletic Awards

Competition and Workshop

ARThletic Awards

As part of the festivities for the Torch Procession, we are organising an art competition and workshop. Anyone is welcome to enter and win special arty prizes - and it's free!

The competition is to...

Design a medal or trophy for an imaginary game/race

ARThletic Awards


What would you include as a race for Levenshulme's own Games...?
Egg and Spoon?
Fastest Spaghetti eating contest?
The Quickest to solve a sum while spinning?

Anything you can think of that could be a game or race - and you have to design the winner's award - either a medal or trophy! Have a think and design something. It can just be a drawing of what it would look like.

There are 4 age ranges:
Up to 7
8 - 11
12 - 14
15 Upwards

If you or a group you are invovled with would like to be part of a workshop (or would like to run one where you meet) or if you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact page.

And the Winner is...

Well done and Thank You to everyone who took part in the competition. There were some brilliant entries.
The judges were Philip Kennedy, Marnie Matthews and Stacey Coughlin from Bankley Studios and Gallery and Brenda Harkin. We had a fun time going through them all. Unfortunately there were not enough entries in two of the categories, so 4 were chosen from the other two.

And so, here are the winners!

Under 7

1st - Lola Grace Oldham - 'Fastest Pea Eating Competition with Chop Sticks'
2nd - Isla Young - 'The Hand Stand Competition'
3rd - Isla Burton - 'Trophy'
Runner Up - Conor - 'Hurdles'

8 - 11

1st - Imran Shabier - 'Dragon Fly Race'
2nd - Libby - 'Egg and Spoon'
3rd - Cade Patrick Mulihall - 'Running'
Runner Up - Aliya Mahmood - 'Slow Motion Race'

And a special honory mention goes to Nick Young - who was our oldest creative entry with "Unicycle with a pint on your head down the A6".

Thanks again for everyone taking part and coming to the workshop as well. Hope you all had a fun morning watching the torch go past and being part of the community spirit! Have a look at some of the pics of the project below.


How to Enter

Deadline for Entries - 4.30pm Saturday 23rd June 2012

You can hand in your designs at several places around Levenshulme:

Antiques Village - 965 Stockport Road :: Mon - Sat 10-5pm, Sun 11-4pm
Trove - 1032 Stockport Road :: Mon - Fri 8.30-5pm, Sat 9-5pm, Sun 10-4pm
Levenshulme Library - Cromwell Grove :: Various Opening Times, Closed Thursdays
POD Deli - 30 Albert Road :: Mon - Thu 8-6pm, Fri 8-10pm, Sat 8.30-10pm, Sun 9-9pm
Isis Cafe - 910 Stockport Road :: Mon - Sat 8-5pm, Sun 9-5pm
Inspire- 747 Stockport Road :: Mon - Fri 9-6pm, Sat 10-4pm Sun 12-3pm

If you cannot get to any of these places, you can post entries to:
SAMS-art, Bankley Studios, Bankley Street, Levenshulme, M19 3PP

All the entries will be displayed on the Village Green for the procession at 8.00am on Sunday 24th June.

The competition will be judged by local people and our local torch bearer Brenda Harkin! The best idea and way of representing it will be the winner.

Winners will be announced 8.30am on Sunday 24th June - after the torch has passed.
And will be posted on the SAMS-art website later that day.

Templates and Downloads

Below are information and templates to download.

ARThlectic Awards Poster - 1.5MB

ARThletic Awards
ARThlectic Awards Info and Rules - 2.3MB

ARThletic Awards
Medal Template - 300KB

ARThletic Awards

Perhaps younger ARThlectic designers might like this as a starting point?

Trophy Template - 330KB

ARThletic Awards

Perhaps younger ARThlectic designers might like this as a starting point?

Rules of the Competition

1. Deadline for Entries 4.30pm on Saturday 23rd June 2012
2. Only one entry per person
3. All details must be provided for the entry to be eligible for winning
These are The Title of the Race, Name, Age, Address or contact details and organisation/school details if applicable.
4. The work may be used to promote the event and workshops. If you do not want your work to be used in this way, please let us know.
5. The age of the entrant must be applicable the age range on the date of judging.
6. The judges' decisions are final

For anymore information, please get in touch.


Antiques Village
Levenshulme Library
Levenshulme Traders

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