What is SAMS-art ?

SAMS-art is a mobile art service that is primarily focused on providing residents in residential and care homes creative opportunities within their own environments.

These creative opportunities are based around regular art sessions that provide the time and space for individuals to paint through a structured and step-by-step process.

SAMS-art provides creative and stimulating sessions which can provide SAMS-artists the chance to see what they can create themselves with gentle guidance.

What SAMS-art provides...

SAMS-art sessions are for around 1-1 1/2 hours for groups of around four - six people. This size of group is a good balance between level of assistance and a social activity.

Within the sessions I provide gentle guidance, with each participant creating a final piece of artwork by the end of the session.

I hope that the services would provide an interesting, social, creative and stimulating regular routine, and also give the resident's an opportunity to create something themselves, promoting a sense of autonomy and creative expression.

Have a look through what art sessions and projects SAMS-art has done previously and get in touch if you want to know more.